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We take your data from your existing platforms and devices, and help you focus on what matters. Less time analyzing, more time riding.

“I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful app...It's really like having a virtual coach.”

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Simple weekly targets.

You're busy, let our AI powered Coach set your week up and hit the rides when you can. Skip a ride, do an extra ride? No problem, Coach will adjust for you.
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"What should I do today?"

Coach has the answer. Whether the day calls for a simple recovery ride or a specific workout, The Breakaway is the coach in your pocket.
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Improving is more fun with friends

You vs. you. Or you vs. a few close friends. Bring your inner circle on board to stay accountable, and push each other week to week.
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More than just your ride data.

We look at HRV (Oura, Whoop, and more coming soon) and more to help you see a complete picture from your data and make easy decisions.
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“The Breakaway is a game changer for any cyclist looking to improve.”

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We've tuned Coach from the best in the world, just for you.

We bring world class coaching and sports science to your fingertips, whenever you need it.

We created The Breakaway from a lifelong passion for cycling, fitness, building, and creating great experiences for customers. We anchor on these in everything we do.
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