We started this because we wanted it for ourselves.

We started The Breakaway because we saw something missing in the market. This is something we wanted to build for ourselves, and as we started building, we realized a lot of others wanted this too. So we kept building, kept learning, and have continued to do that to improve every day since then. What started as a project is now our mission.
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Our mission is to help people improve.

We created The Breakaway from a passion for cycling, fitness, building, creating, solving problems, and creating experiences for customers. We anchor on these in everything we do with a focus on experiences at every possible touchpoint. We are here, doing this because we actually care.

Experience from Strava, Tour de France & the Olympics

Friends, former colleagues and the best in their fields.
We live and breathe this every day.
We know the team is what makes winning fun.
Jordan Kobert
Co-founder & CEO
Urbandoor, Strava, Google, AdMob.
I love creating experiences. As a lifelong cyclist and entrepreneur, I'm so excited to help our community find new levels of fitness. The Breakaway is the culmination of my personal and professional passions.
Kyle Yugawa
Co-founder & CXO
Tempo, Strava, VSCO, Odopod, AKQA
Practicing martial arts and sports for most of my life, I have always been fascinated with what the human body and mind is able to achieve. With The Breakaway, I'm excited to help people realize their potential and surprise themselves at what is possible.
Christian Vande Velde
Content and partnerships
2x Olympics, 22x Grand Tour, 11x Tour de France, NBC Analyst
I enjoy unlocking the endless possibilities of human performance and motivation, which in turn usually turns into a lifestyle shift as well. As a professional I took this for granted but now inspiring others to achieve the unthinkable, trumps anything I did personally.
Jan Remes
Frontend engineering
The Athletic, Barry’s Bootcamp
I believe that there is still a lot to improve and explore on the intersection between fitness and technology. I'm happy to be part of it with The Breakaway and I'm looking forward to helping our users improve their fitness.
Miroslav Macik
Backend engineering
Hoodline (acquired by Nextdoor), Live Penalty
As a passionate developer, it makes me happy to help people to improve using the latest technologies. There is such great potential that we explore with the Breakaway every day.
Pavel Polacek
Backend engineering
STRV, Kindest
I love solving problems and building platforms that bring data together. Doing it for people seeking health and performance makes it even more exciting.
Jesse Curry
Engineering lead
Nintendo DS/Wii, OneWorld Trade Center, Water.org, 1847 Ventures
I love the process of iteration and refinement in all aspects of life. I’m excited for the prospect of iterating The Breakaway experience and helping our users to improve their health.
Seth Pennington
US Army, Traffic and Funnels, GS Media
As a lifelong athlete, I'm excited to build The Breakaway to help all levels of athletes bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

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